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We are New Energy Solutions and we provide you ways of saving money.
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We have, over the years researched and established partnerships with some premium companies that offer the best products and services that have a proven history.

All our products are European based, which have a higher level of scrutiny and testing than U.K products. This saves you the long haul of looking, reading and hoping. Did you know that The Telegraph predicts that by 2019, the average fuel bill will reach… £5999
Through years of research and established partnerships, we are able to offer products to save energy ranging from heating system refurbs to wall coatings. Most people put their head in the sand so they can’t see the energy price increases being put on their bill, something serious to consider, the longer you leave it the worse it’s going to get, the prices aren’t coming down.
We offer you products to reduce costs of energy for your home or business. All our installers and work are strictly quality controlled with a start to finish approach with your own client manager as a contact point. Clients have benefited from our established qualified installers and engineers from across the country.

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We are now hiring personnel for our team. New Energy Solutions is based in Chester, United Kingdom and can be easily accessed via a bus route! We are looking for door promoters, telemarketers and sales people. All information can be found at our Facebook recruitment page defining all details and the right candidates we are after. Head over now by clicking here

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